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Life Under The Lights

It is now very much winter here in Yorkshire and we have been under a fixed blanket of fog for most of the last week with it only relenting to be very frosty or raining. We are also only a … Continue reading

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The Week That Was

I gave a rather important presentation this week to a group of fellow partners to my employers at Sheffield University. I’ve never been particularly confident at speaking infront of crowds, especially those that I don’t know. I find that if … Continue reading

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USA 2010 (2): Part 4: Chicago

Finally I got the chance to get into Chicago on the Tuesday morning having had my only experience at the State/Lake El interchange the day before. The first impressions of the city were that it was huge, not quite as … Continue reading

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The Paradoxical Commandments

The other week I finished off my three, one-week residential courses for the Chartered Managers Institue’s diploma. These are a fairly intense tour of the key skills required to be a chartered manager. The guys at Insight People Training are a great … Continue reading

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Catch up time

Hello there! It’s been a while since I last posted on my personal blog, there are many reasons for this and I’ll try and briefly go through them, along with why I am posting again and the direction I want … Continue reading

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