About Me

I am a Design Engineer living in Leeds in the United Kingdom, I hold an international master’s degree in Product Design from the University of Leeds with an exchange year at Carleton University in Ottawa. I currently work for the University Of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre as a KTP research associate with Craftsman Tools in Otley, West Yorkshire. My remit at this post is to introduce a new design and manufacturing system into Craftsman Tools using my own skills as well as the tools available at the University and the AMRC.

The Ottawa River

The Ottawa River

I take inspiration from things I see around me not just products, websites or books. I am a big architecture follower and will quite happily rant on about it for hours. I love architecture mish-mashes, the kind of thing you see when cities are built up bit by bit and the architectural styles change from one road to the next.

I am a Mac user and have been for over 3 years now and so much so that I am often bamboozled by simple Windows operations. My Mac does everything I have ever needed to do, apart from 3D CAD which is my biggest pet hate about design software.

Whilst design takes up a large portion of my life both in research and actually designing I have many other things to keep me busy. I am a long term Rochdale AFC supporter (UP THE DALE!) as well as a keen Leeds Rhinos rugby league follower. Since my time in Canada I have also been converted to a love of the Ottawa Senators providing me with late nights of entertainment for going on 4 years now. Expect comments, cheering and venting on all this and more during the lifespan of this blog.

Rochdale at Wembley

Rochdale at Wembley

I am a committed youth worker and work with Kidz Klub here in Leeds it takes up my Saturday mornings and my Wednesday nights but my life would be a far duller place without it! Youth work has taken me all over the UK and to Uganda, East Africa and is a permanent fixture in my life.

I love traveling and I don’t do enough of it, My month in Uganda in 2004 and a year living in Ottawa in 2006/7 repeatedly changes my perspective on life and design even today. I’ve added the mind blowing mass design culture of the Milan Design Week 2008 to a well rounded view of the design world. Next on the list is Far-East Asia once finances allow.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. RKrumel says:

    Glad to see you blogging again! 🙂

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