I’m Still Here, Honest

Hi all,

Just dropping by to let you know I am still here, Somewhere! It’s been a very busy time lately and my time spent at home has mainly been recovering from the busy work schedule I have at the moment. There have been many many things happening in the last few weeks since I last posted on here, some of which I will tell you about, others not so much. Work has stepped up a gear in 2011, I suppose this comes with me being fully integrated into my project and right to in the implementation stage rather than research or planning. It’s results time now guys! So the pressure is on there.

Outside of work things have been busy as well. Kidz Klub is trucking along at a rapid pace and I was so very grateful for a lie in last Saturday thanks to the wonders of the half-term holidays. The bus has picked up and stabilised in number last half term much to my joy. We also had a lovely visit from Bus 4’s old bus captain (the person who trained me up) the week before half term. As I said to the kids, if you have any complaints about how I bus captain, blame Sarah, C/O Kidz Klub Coventry, she taught me all I know! I’ll have much more on Kidz Klub Leeds in the following weeks as our 11th Birthday approaches next month and a big fundraising effort begins as Spring approaches.

I’m now back cycling 20 miles a day in an effort to shift some of this bulk I have put on over Christmas/January and it is going pretty well. I am probably back at the stage I was fitness wise in May last year, which while not peak, was certainly not too shabby. I am enjoying the longer days, most of my journey to work and half of my journey home is now in daylight and tomorrow looks like being the first day since October that I can leave the thermal base layers at home with highs of 12 Celcius and blue skies predicted for merry old Leeds. I am really enjoying being back on the bike and I am flying along the 14 miles back from Otley each night, though less of the rain and fog would be nice sometimes!

I’m making a return to Glasgow and Edinburgh this weekend to go and see some friends and take in a rather important Six Nations Rugby Union game at Murrayfield. It’s been a full year since I was last north of the border so I am looking forward to it very much. Expect a full report on that next week sometime.

I must add a big name drop to Rochdale AFC who are currently unbeaten in 2011, not bad for a team who were supposed to finish 24th and last in the league. We are currently 10th just a few points off the play offs with up to 4 games in hand on those around us. Up The Dale!

I’ve not forgotten about the blog at all, I have a number of articles planned out that need tweaking and typing up fully. I promise to post a little more regularly than I have done this last month!

Until then, take care!



About Peter Woodthorpe

I am a Research Design Engineer living in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom as well as a Childrens Worker for Kidz Klub Leeds. I hold a International Master of Design degree from the University of Leeds.
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