The Week That Was W/E 21st November

So, what’s been going in the week? I hear you ask, well look no further than the paragraphs below…

Actually there has been some pretty cool stuff going on in and around my life at the moment. I’m having a lazy Sunday morning/lunch before heading out for the afternoon, I make this my first lie in in over a month now so the batteries have been running on empty for a little while!

My new Revolution Cross bike was picked up yesterday and my initial thoughts are very positive however I do need to shift some of my belly to make the drop down handle bar position a little more efficient! Hopefully this will come with regular long distance cycles from tomorrow! I will do a proper write up at some point this week.

My other office, in Sheffield received a royal visit on Thursday for a ground breaking ceremony for the new buildings that will be built over the next year or so. The Queen and Prince Phillip were in Sheffield for a number of projects along with what looks like a hoard of press eager for comment on the upcoming royal wedding!

My Dad is in Kathmandu, Nepal finishing off the writing of an Open University course and doing some work with School kids out there. I am not jealous at all… honest.

Kidz Klub, although thoroughly tiring yesterday (Saturday) was pretty amazing, we had 44 kids on our bus, although not a record it is the highest we have had in about a year! 27 of these kids came from just one bus stop and credit must go to my colleagues from that side of the round, Grace, Nicole and Heather who have really worked hard to get that area to bloom. These numbers will only continue to grow as Christmas approaches!

I’m happy that my Great Grandma is doing a lot better than she was this time last week. She was taken into hospital and was not very well at all. But at 98 years old she is still holding strong and should be allowed back to her nursing home in a few days.

On a more frivolous sporting side of things, I am very much excited for the beginning of the Ashes cricket series. The biannual clash between England and Australia is down under this year and it looks set to be a rip roaring contest with those Aussies looking a bit under pressure and by no means on top form. England on the other hand look to be right on target. Of course it is the Ashes and the form book might as well go out the window.

The next few weeks are looking pretty chocca block with work and various other commitments I hope to blog through it all and keep things ticking over nicely! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



About Peter Woodthorpe

I am a Research Design Engineer living in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom as well as a Childrens Worker for Kidz Klub Leeds. I hold a International Master of Design degree from the University of Leeds.
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